Moving to Miami | Diary

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Dagbog: Moving to Miami | Diary

En opgave, der handler om at flytte til Miami. I teksten fortæller jeg om, hvordan jeg oplever det. Opgaven er skrevet i dagbogsform.

Stilemne nummer 2, fra prøveeksamen 2010.
"Moving to Miami".


Tomorrow morning at 9a.m... So we have to get up early, so we can catch the plane. It is going to be a long flight; I think it takes about 14 hours! But it's OK, ‘cause I like to fly. Our stuff is going to come later, with a moving-company. So I've also packed some stuff, for the first week over there. I cannot wait for when I am sitting in the airplane, and have that special feeling, you always when you're about to take off! When we arrive at the airport in Miami, we are going to get our bags, and then a guy from dad's new work is picking us up. Then he drives us to our new house. I have been showed some pictures of the house and neighbourhood. The house is big, and looks really nice! And, yes, it has a swimming pool. True Miami style. And the surroundings are also really pretty. It's close to Miami Beach! And the pedestrian streets, with all the gorgeous shops, witch I have heard, that Miami have.

After two-three weeks I Miami, when we have settled, packed our stuff out, looked around I Miami etc, I have to begin in a multi-langue school. I am not going to a “real” American school, a... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Moving to Miami | Diary

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