A Special Event | Engelsk FSA 2009 December

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Artikel: A Special Event | Engelsk FSA 2009 December

Opgaven er engelsk artikel. Vi skulle skrive om en helt speciel oplevelse. Noget som virkelig var noget særligt for os, og jeg valgte at skrive om en tur jeg har haft til Barcelona.
Opgaveformuleringen lød: Write an article about a very special event that you have been present at. It will appear in next month's Teen Magazine. (350-450 words) Include a description of the event: • Where did it take place and when? • Who else was there? Family, friends, or...? • What was the atmosphere like? • Why was it so special to you?


My special event is when I last summer went to Spain, because usually when we are spending our holidays in Spain, on Mallorca. But not this time. This year we went to Barcelona, for seven days, with my mother, father, my sister, and my grandparents. We lived in this big hotel, called Gran Hotel Torre Catalunya, which is actually designed for business people, but as we shouldn't be there for more than seven days, it was fine, and as a bonus it was very luxurious, and location of the hotel, was close to the very famous stadium Camp Nou, FC Barcelona's home field. From the windows on the 10th floor,... Køb adgang for at læse mere

A Special Event | Engelsk FSA 2009 December

  • 19-12-2011

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