A helping hand

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A helping hand

Dette essay handler om at give en hjælpene hånd, og hvorfor man skal give en!?

Opgave fra Engelsk FS10 2008.

Comment on the issues and give your views. You may include examples of voluntary work that you would consider supporting.


There are many people that need our help, and are happy if they will get our help. There is always someone who gives another a helping hand. It means a lot for many people to get a helping hand when they are in need of it.

I remember when the tsunami around christmas time in Sri Lanka. There were a lot of people then, and now, who needed a helping hand. When Sri Lanka was hit by the tsunami many people and countries reached out for the Sri Lankan people and lended them a helping hand. Also here in the Faroe Islands we helped them. Our country raised a lot of money and gave it to Red Cross, they used the money for food and other things they needed. Many other countries also helped in this way, or just by giving them a large amount of money they could... Køb adgang for at læse mere

A helping hand

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