American History X | Characterization

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Filmanalyse: American History X | Characterization

Analyse og vurdering af filmen American History X.


My opinion


Derek Vinyard gets into prison, because he has killed two African-American men, who tried to steal his car. During Derek's punishment, he realized that not all black people are bad, and that the general behaviour towards them is awful. After three years in prison, he returns with a completely different view of the mankind. But, during that time, his younger brother Danny, regrettably has followed in his footsteps and got into the same Nazi group as Derek had been the leader of before. But luckily, Danny's principal gets Danny to understand that he is in a bad situation, by making him write a paper called American History X, where he tells about his life, and why he became a Nazi. But just as Danny tries to change to the better, a black boy in his school shoots him.

Derek Vinyard was a good student in school, and a loyal child at home, but all that changed when his father was shot by two black men. Derek's father had some problems accepting black people, and that had a huge effect on Derek. Derek saw his father as an ideal, and because of the fact that his father was killed by African-American's, Derek became a Nazi.
Derek is a very clever young man, and I think that he really believed that he could make a change as... Køb adgang for at læse mere

American History X | Characterization

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