Amish & Rumspringa - Opgave i Engelsk

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Amish & Rumspringa - Opgave i Engelsk

Indeholder en kort oversigt over Amishkulturen og en beskrivelse af Faron Yoders oplevelser, mens han var på Rumspringa. Faron Yoder er en ung Amish fra filmen "Devil's Playground".


Devil's playground is a documentary film about Amish youths being on “Rumspringa”. Rumspringa is a time when Amish kids at the age of sixteen to twenty experiment with alcohol, tobacco, relationships and maybe drugs. They wear regular clothes and go to a lot of parties, but after some time they have to choose between being Amish or English.

The Amish

The Amish are a group of Christian people who live like they did in the seventeenth century. They do not use any kind of electricity and they all wear the same clothes. The Amish church began late in the seventeenth century when some Christians in Switzerland didn't think that baptizing children was appropriate simply because babies don't have a choice. So they started their own church where only adults could be baptized. Since then the Amish church has been pursued so most of the Amish have moved to America. The Amish don't believe in modern technology and... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Amish & Rumspringa - Opgave i Engelsk

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