Amish Adventure | Summary

Opgaven er kvalitetssikret af redaktionen på Skolehjæ
  • Folkeskole 9. klasse
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Summary af "Amish Adventure" fra 1983 af Barbara Smucker, der beskriver Ians oplevelse af Amishfolket. "Amish Adventure" findes i bogen "Blue Cat" til 9. klasse.


Jack Turner was taking Ian to his aunt in Canada, when suddenly they saw a buggy with a orange sign on the bag and they crashed into it, and killed the horse that was leading it. A child and an old man were on the buggy. The horse got killed instantly, and the old man was hurt. Jack Turner didn't say sorry or asked if the man needed help, he just asked if he had insurance, which made Ian angry.

The man said that he didn't have insurance, because his religion didn't allow it.
A police car came and pulled up beside the broken buggy and two officers jumped out. One of them shouted to the other that he should get an ambulance, and he replied that there was already one on the way.

People started to appear from all directions; a man in shorts with two small boys asked if he could help... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Amish Adventure | Summary

  • 18-04-2010
    den er ok, men med stavefejl og gramtiske fejl!
  • 09-11-2010
    opgaven er godt lavet. :)
  • 23-09-2008