Apartheid | Diskussion

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Apartheid | Diskussion

Opgaven diskuterer slutningen på Apartheidregimet og kommer blandt ind på Desmond Tutus "Truth and Reconciliation Commission".


Apartheid in South Africa
“How did apartheid end? And why?”


I have chosen to write and investigate about Apartheid and its ending because I think it is very exciting and I would like to learn more about it, which I believe I have done writing this.

Apartheid, which originally means separation of the hides, is a well-known term and phenomenon. The term Apartheid is mostly used when speaking of racial matters. But does apartheid exist and appear among people with the same race?
Apartheid in South Africa

The start of Apartheid was as early as 1910. Apartheid became officially a law after the Reunited National Party has won the white minority elections on the 28th May 1948. This victory were hailed as a "Miracle" and clear proof that God was watching over his Volk
Voting and participating political parties were only contested by the so called "white" citizens of South Africa, black South Africans were forbidden to vote! The white Dutch reformed church embraced the Reunited National Party Apartheid policy and solemnly declared in a speech made by a prominent church leader "South Africa belongs to us once more. For the first time since Union, South Africa is our own. May god grant that it will always remain so"
In 1950 the act was followed up with a ban on sexual relations between white and black. The police tracked down these so called mixed couples suspected of... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Apartheid | Diskussion

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