Behind the Door ...

Opgaven er kvalitetssikret af redaktionen på Skolehjæ
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  • Engelsk FS10
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Novelle: Behind the Door ...

Opgaven besvarer opgave 2 i hæftet FS10 2006 i engelsk. Den beskriver "what happens when you enter" en af dørene i opgavebeskrivelsen.

Choose a door, and write about what happens when you enter.

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Her dog pulled its lead. “Wait Mimmi, wait!” a woman yelled to the only three months old puddle. “My fur coat is going to be dirty if you pull me out to the verge, and as you also can understand won't my 1000 pounds shoes be very fine after such an experience,” she said to the dog with a certain voice like it understood what she said.

The owner of the puddle is a woman in the middle of the thirties. She is the owner of the local jewellery shop and she has a dead certain opinion about her status in the city. She is the leader. She knows the people who are good to know. She has contacts to some of the most powerful people in the city; the mayor, the managing director of the bank, and other people who have the possibility to pull the strings. And she can manipulate with them as easy as it is to snap one's fingers. And she doesn't use... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Behind the Door ...

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