Billy Elliot - Referat af filmen

Opgaven er kvalitetssikret af redaktionen på Skolehjæ
  • Folkeskole 9. klasse
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  • 1678
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Filmanmeldelse: Billy Elliot - Referat af filmen

Opgaven giver et længere referat af "Billy Elliot" og eleven fortæller herefter om at følge sine egne "dreams".


The film is based on the structural changes in the middle of the 80's.
Basically the story is about a young boy, Billy Elliot, who fights to become a real ballet dancer in an environment, where pride and prejudices blossom, and where money is rare. Billy and his family lives in a small industrial mining town, Everington, which is deeply affected by, former British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher's wishes towards the privatisation of Great Britain. In the film we see how Billy's' father and brother go on the picket line every day to strike against the closing of the local mine. This is a part of Margaret Thatcher's plan. We are indirectly shown how changes of a country's structure can affect and change the local societies and how these changes in the local societies affect small families and how these changes in the family's way of living affect each family member.

Everington, Durham, is where the eleven year old boy Billy Elliot experiences the pain of losing his mother cause to death, living with an emotionally distant father that easily expresses rage, and caring for... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Billy Elliot - Referat af filmen

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