Coping with adults

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Læserbrev: Coping with adults

Coping with adults er et læserbrev som jeg så har besvaret. Vi læste om en teenager der klagede over sine forældre, og vi skulle så skrive et svar om "coping with the adults", som skulle indhold råd.

Opgaven er fra FS10, 2001.


Hi Jane,
I understand your problems and how you feel. Most teenagers, wanna get a job so they can make their own money, and stop being financially dependent on their parents. It's also normal the parents want their child to get a job, because it will help them in the future.
But I think in this case, your parents are doing the right thing by saying no to you, because if you get a job, and spend all of your time there, and stop studying then you will might not get as good grades that you could get, if you were studying instead of working. You need to do good in your exams, to get a good job in the future.
My advice would be, to study hard and show your parents you're good in school and then afterwards try to talk to them, and tell them you can study and work at the same time. Start by getting amazing grades, because that will show it's something you really... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Coping with adults

  • 02-02-2010
    rigtigt fin opgave, uden ret mange fejl. helt sikkert værd at downloade.
  • 04-05-2008
    Rigtig god stil, kan helt sikkert anbefales :D
  • 09-09-2010
    opgaven er bare helt i top
  • 25-02-2010
    Godt skrevet ! Kunne helt sikkert bruges !