Crash | Analyse og review

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Filmanalyse, Filmanmeldelse: Crash | Analyse og review

Opgaven analyserer og anmelder filmen Crash og kommer bl.a. ind på temarene "racism and prejudice" og titlens betydning.

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This movie is going on in Los Angeles, a city filled with a mix of every nationality. The history of the movie starts with a big car-crash (like the title of the movie) where a lot of people are involved. The history gives us a lot of flashbacks that takes us back to the days before the traffic accident. We meet 12 different people, with their own story, their own lives and their own everyday-acts that will have a huge impact in the other characters lives.
E.g. we'll meet John Ryan that tries to get medicine for his sick father. It's very hard to get this medicine, and lets it affect his work. He is a police officer, and at some point in the movie he pulls over the black TV-director Cameron and his wife Christine. He sexual harasses Christine, by body-searching her – even though she is wearing a cocktail dress, while Cameron doesn't have any other choice than stand and do nothing. We also meet the attorney Rick and his wife Jean in the first part of the movie. Their car gets jacked by two black teenagers and later on Jean lets her frustration go too far, when she wants every single lock in their house changed. Her frustration reaches its limits when a black locksmith, Daniel, comes to change the locks. She is... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Crash | Analyse og review

  • 26-11-2011
    det er en rigtig god opgave, den fortæller en masse gode ting
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    m m mm m m mm m mm m m m mm m mm mm mmm mm mm m m mm m
  • 18-05-2011
    fin opgave! rigtig god som inspiration
  • 02-02-2011
    Rigtig god opgave. Den giver lige en et skub