IRA | Outline

Opgaven er kvalitetssikret af redaktionen på Skolehjæ
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Disposition: IRA | Outline

Dette er en disposition med manuskript om Irland og IRA (Irish Pepublican Army) til mundtlig eksamen i engelsk.


Tales of Ireland
My topic: IRA (Irish Republican Army)

I have chosen the topic IRA because of the relevance terror has today.
Terror has always been a part of our society, but it really made headlines, September the 11th 2001 when 2 airplanes deliberately were crashed into the twin towers in New York City. Then I asked myself why haven't all the terror actions in Ireland attracted the same attention? The only reason I could find was the fact that terror in Ireland happens every day, whereas the terror in New York was exceptional.
In 35 years IRA has killed more than 2000 people. That's nearly as many as the 3000 people killed on September the 11th. Lives are lives. So why haven't we done anything about the IRA issue a long time ago?
Besides, I think IRA terror actions and terror in general are very scary and unforgivable acts. Actually, when I started reading the IRA- stories I became more and more upset, and began reading other stories about terror. It's very scary to look at death rates due to terror actions. The number of killings rises every year, due to the fact that weapons become more... Køb adgang for at læse mere

IRA | Outline

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