Films you must see

Opgaven er kvalitetssikret af redaktionen på Skolehjæ
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Filmanmeldelse: Films you must see

Opgaven "Films You Must See" fra FSA 2007 indeholder et kort referat, karakteristik af de 3 hovedpersoner samt anmeldelse af den animerede film "Det levende slot."

Opgaven besvarer denne opgaveformulering:

Write about a film (350 - 450 words) you have seen. Your review is to be published on in the section 'Films You Must See'. Include the following: • a brief introduction to the plot - without revealing the ending • a short description of the main character(s) • your opinion of the film and why you would recommend it to others.


After meeting the magician Hauru, Sophie gets cursed by an evil witch called Ødeheksen. The curse makes Sophie turn into an old woman. She flees from her job as hatter and goes to Ødemarken to find out how to raise the course. With a little help from an enchanted scare crow, she finds Hauru's Castle and stays there for the night.

She meets the fire demon Calcifer, who makes the castle move. Calcifer sees that Sophie is cursed and they make a deal. Sophie will find out how to raise Calcifer's curse and Calcifer will raise Sophie's. A boy comes down from upstairs and Sophie presents herself as the new housekeeper.

Sophie starts cleaning the house. While she's out shopping, Haudo gets back from fighting in the... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Films you must see

  • 18-11-2010
    rigtig god, men kunne godt være lidt bedere
  • 30-09-2012
    godt skrevet!!!!!!!!!!!!!