Gun violence | Engelsk disposition

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Gun violence | Engelsk disposition

En opgave om Mara Salvatrucha, som er en bande over i USA. Det overordnede emne er gun violence.

Main topic: Gun violence in the US.
My topic: Gang life – Ms-13.


- Why did I choose this topic?
- What is Ms-13?
- What's special about Ms-13?
- How to become a member?


Mara Salvatrucha
Main topic: Gun violence in the US.
My topic: Gang life – Ms-13.
Why did I choose this topic?
- I have chosen this topic because it's an interesting topic and because it is a big problem over in the U.S. so it would be interesting to see how they operate.
What is Ms-13?
- Ms-13 is a gang, the name is believed to come from a known gang called La Mara, which was a known and very notorious gang in El Salvador. The number 13 was added, to show that the gang belonged in prison in California. Also known as the Mexican Mafia.
- In the 1980s there was a huge civil war in El Salvador. During the period rated the
- U.S that over 2 million people had crossed the border from El Salvador to the United States... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Gun violence | Engelsk disposition

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