Long Road Home - Opgave i Engelsk

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Novelle: Long Road Home - Opgave i Engelsk

Opgaven indeholder en engelsk novelle om en hund, ved navn "Laddie", som bliver væk i parken.


An ordinary afternoon at the park with my master was what I had on the schedule for today, nothing more and nothing less. It will be nice to stretch my legs seeing I have been laying here in the couch all day doing nothing but listening to the small sounds around the house. Normally I love adventures and stuff I don’t know what is, but today I was only focusing on getting out of the house. It’s a pain sitting around waiting for my master to get home. I can always hear when he parks the car in the garage. I’ve made friends with this sound as it seems he always take me for my beloved walks as soon as he gets home. ... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Long Road Home - Opgave i Engelsk

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