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Filmanalyse: Once Were Warriors | Analyse

Analyse af filmen Once Were Warriors af Riwia Brown.


What kind of genre?
Describe the main characters:



The film is a realistic social drama that reflects some of the problems Maori and their culture in New Zealand. It shows how things have gone, the Maori have not managed to get an education and get away from the ghettos. In this case it is not just an ordinary Maori family in a ghetto to talk about, but a family who even have a father / husband is extremely violent and does not care whether it is men or women who are the way of his fist.


The film is about Beth Heke life in New Zealand, with her husband Jake, and their five children, Nig, Boogie, Grace, Polly and Hu. The family has not much money and Jake spend a lot of time at the pub, with his friends were they fight and drink. When Jake is drunk, he often gets violent, and if Beth dares to question or challenge him, he gets very mad, and beat her.
But Beth is very strong, and brave. She still loves her husband very much, and does what she can, to keep the family together. Jake does not care much about his children, and they hate him... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Once Were Warriors | Analyse

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