Brev: See you in September - Engelsk FSA

Opgaven er kvalitetssikret af redaktionen på Skolehjæ
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Brev: See you in September - Engelsk FSA

Opgaven er fra FSA (Eksempel på prøveopgaver) i engelsk og er udformet som et pennebrev til engelsk udvekslingselev.

Write a personal letter (350-450 words)
to her to introduce her to your school in
Include information about:
• the location of your school
• timetable and subjects
• tradition and special projects
• rules and regulations
• dress code
• homework
• etc.


Hello Amy! It's nice to hear that someone from a different country is coming to my school. Sadly I won't be there next term, as this is my last year, and exams are getting close. The school, Jellebakkeskolen, is located in Vejlby, which is a suburb to Aarhus, the second biggest city in Denmark. Vejlby is a nice place, not very far from the sea.

I assume that you're going to start in the 9th grade, that's what I'm in currently. Our timetable prob-ably isn't as tough as what you're used to in England. We go to school at 8 am every morning, and we're off between 1.20 pm and 2.20 pm, with 2 breaks of 30 minutes in between.
My favourite subjects are Social Studies and English, which I like to think that I'm good at. There... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Brev: See you in September - Engelsk FSA

  • 14-05-2009
    meget fin claue !!!!
  • 04-03-2009
    Det er en rigtig god stil (: den har det hele med :D
  • 12-04-2010
    En rigtig god opgave
  • 09-04-2010
    god som inspirationskilde