Something on the mind

Opgaven er kvalitetssikret af redaktionen på Skolehjæ
  • Folkeskole 10. klasse
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Something on the mind

Opgaven er en FS10 besvarelse fra 2007, der beskriver en dreng, som reflekterer over tabet af sin mor.

A day I'll never forget.

Tell the boy's story. What is making him so thoughtful?


Here we go again. I'm sitting here, in my parents' bedroom all by my self, while they're at some fancy dinner party downtown. Well, the word, ”parents” is inappropriate, ‘cause it's really just my dad and his wife, and I don't consider her as my mom. When my mom died 2 years ago, he first broke down, and I couldn't talk to him for several weeks. But as soon as he got better, he went out and found a new girlfriend. 3 months later they were married. It broke my heart that he never really talked to me about my mom. And he never really has the time now. Because of Jeanie, his wife, and because of his job. But sometimes it happens, that he asks if I want to go to the movies or something. I don't like the movies. It's so anti-social. Picture this: you're sitting in a dark room, with loud sounds and a big screen. If you talk to the person sitting next to you, somebody just yell at you, and screaming that you should shut up. I hate going to the movies with my dad... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Something on the mind

  • 07-12-2008
    En rigtig god opgave, med et meget flot sprog, og et godt emne! jeg er blevet meget inspireret af den! :-)
  • 02-10-2008
    Utolig flot skrevet . virkelig godt ordforbrug , wow jeg er imponeret :)
  • 27-05-2013
    Bedømt af Folkeskoleelev i 10. klasse
    Rigtig god opgave, gav en del inspiration
  • 22-05-2011
    rigtig fin opgave.....................................................