Star Quality | Essay

Opgaven er kvalitetssikret af redaktionen på Skolehjæ
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Star Quality | Essay

Opgaven er udarbejdet på baggrund af et opgavesæt fra FS10 i engelsk 2004. Den beskriver problemerne ved at være en professionel sanger og stiller spørgsmålet "what do you think of the idea of teen stars?"

What difficulties are young performers like Charlotte facing? Do you think she's too young to be a professional singer? What do you think of the idea of teen stars?


Sometimes it happens that a young child is gifted with some exceptional and unique skills, which isn't very offen, but when it happens the performer will have to live up to an enormous pressure from the medias, the fans and sometimes even from their own family and friends. Some of them will get their breakthrough and become very popular, famous and rich. But the dark side of the story is that many young performers in either showbuisness or sport never get this far, because they will discover that it isn't just always a dance on roses. It will definetely take a long time and a lot of really hard work, which is very difficult to handle for a totally average teenager who just has an excellent talent.

All this hard work and plenty of hours in the studio or at the trainingcenter will also cost the child most of the sparetime that a normal child would have after school... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Star Quality | Essay

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