Summary of Mississippi Burning

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Summary of "Mississippi Burning". Opgaven giver sig ikke i kast med analyse, dog indeholder den et meget fyldestgørende resumé.


Mississippi burning starts out on a lonely road were a police car stops a car whit three civil rights fighters. The policemen says something about they don't like nigger lovers and then shoots all of them. The next scene is two FBI agents in a car on there way to Mississippi. They are discussing the case they are about to work on, and one for them is singing the K.K.K. song. When the two FBI agents arrive they go straight to the sheriff's office, to talk the sheriff about the three civil rights fighters disappearing. After they have talked to the sheriff they go to have something to eat. The restaurant they enter is totally full except two colored seats. Mr. Ward moves towards the two seats, and everybody in the restaurant stops talking, the whole restaurant is dead silence. Mr. Ward starts to talk to a black man, sitting next to him but the black man just says “I ain´t got nothing to say to you sir” and then leaves. Later on Mr. Ward and Mr. Anderson is going to have a look at a house, the Klan burned down. The house belongs to the three civil rights fighters, but the Klan burned the... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Summary of Mississippi Burning

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