Superheroes | Engelsk disposition

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Superheroes | Engelsk disposition

Denne opgave indeholder en disposition til den mundtlige prøve i engelsk om "Superheroes" under emnet "Youth identity".


1. Why did I choose this topic?
2. What is a superhero?
3. Which superhero will I want to be and why?
4. Which historical events took place when superheroes were introduced?
5. Are you interested in heroes because of what sex you are, culture or environment?
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1. Why did I choose this topic?
I choose this topic why its something I can relate to and I have always been fascinated by superheroes. I have been dressed as Batman when I was younger and the TV has definitely played a role, I got up early in the morning to keep up what happened to my favorite superheroes and after that, you talked to your friends about that or having a conversation about who is the strongest superhero in the kindergarten.

2. What is a superhero?
For the sake of simplicity, I´m going to define a classic superhero. A classic superhero is a fictional figure who fights crime in disguise and is blessed with superior strength, powers and dedicated to protecting the public. Superheroes have something in common, characteristic over them. They have number of enemies, but often superheroes have one who is more troubling than the others. Often a nemesis is a superhero´s doppelganger, like Batman is dark, quit while Joker is colorful and talking a lot.

They have a secret identity that protect the superhero´s friends and family from... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Superheroes | Engelsk disposition

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