Opgave i Engelsk om The Amish

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Opgave i Engelsk om The Amish

Opgaven redegør kort for Amishkulturen og giver derefter et overblik over de to short-stories "Amish adventure" og "If only".


The Amish came originally from Europe generally from Nederland, Switzerland, Germany and France. But in the 17th century they began to immigrate to America and Canada. And these are the only places they live today.

The Amish is a Christian society, they believe in every word from the Bible. They don't believe in the military and modern technology, so they live in an isolated society from the outside world.
The Amish use horses and buggies for travelling and transport. The women wear long dresses and their hair pulled tight back underneath a bonnet. The men are in black baggy pants hold up by suspenders with a shirt underneath, and when they get married they let their beard grow. The ...


Amish adventure
By Barbara Smucker

The story is about a boy called Ian, who is on his way to his aunt in Toronto with Jack Turner because Ian's dad has to work away from home for 6 months, and Ian's mom is dead... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Opgave i Engelsk om The Amish

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