The Power of Music

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Essay: The Power of Music

Essay om musikkens betydning for forfatterens liv. Stilen hedder "The Power of Music" og kommer fra FS10.


If you look up the word “music” in the dictionary, it says”An artistic arrangement of different tones and sounds, which often are composed by means of notes and possibly accompanied by song”. This is a short and concrete way of describing music. But for one, to whom music is a part of his/her life, music is much more and cannot be described so briefly. Whether you play music yourself or you listen to it, music can be many different things. By writing words to the music the author can make his opinion known. The words can give food for thought, and they can draw the listener's attention to for instance problems in society or subjects, that normally are taboo.
You can listen to music just to pass the time, to relax or to dance. Music can be shared with your friends, for instance when you go to a concert or when you listen to it together with them. At concerts... Køb adgang for at læse mere

The Power of Music

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