The Runaway

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  • Folkeskole 9. klasse
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The Runaway

Engelsk stil med titlen "The Runaway" skrevet i 9. klasse.

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”Going to be another hot day,” Hank Spano said to himself as he climbed out of his old red Buick and walked across the parking lot to his diner. He fished a big bunch of keys out of his pocket, unlocked the back door and went inside. He switched on the cof-fee-maker and got donuts out of the freezer before he unlocked the street door and switched on the electric sign: Hank's Diner.
“Yep, it sure is going to be another scorcher,” he said, standing in the doorway and looking up the cloudless sky.
It was just as he turned to go back inside that he first saw the kid.

“Hello,” said a little clear voice behind Hank's back. Hank turned, and in front of him a little brown-haired boy stood; the boy was carrying a stick with a carpetbag. “Hi,” Hank said, while he was changing the sign saying Closed to Open, “It looks like you are travelling, aren't you too young to do that?” “I am not travelling, I am looking for my father, do you know, where he is?” the boy answered. “Your father? I am afraid I don't know, where he is. Isn't he at home?” Hank asked, “No, he is not. I have never seen him in my whole life, so I am looking for him.” “Well, you can't find him here. By the way; what is your name, kid? And does your mother know about this?” “My name is George, and my mom doesn't know, I am looking for my father. She thinks I... Køb adgang for at læse mere

The Runaway

  • 24-04-2005
    kanon opgave.. skulle li rettes til. vi må se hva den gir.. 10 tal herfra i hvert fald
  • 14-05-2008
    se det er een stil man kan bruge til noget godt arbejde =)
  • 07-09-2010
    rigtig god engelsk stil!
  • 11-12-2009