Anorexia | Engelsk disposition

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Anorexia | Engelsk disposition

En engelsk disposition, der omhandler både anoreksi og plastikoperationer ("Plastic Surgery and anorexia"), udover dispositionen, er der 1,5 sides svar til opgaven på engelsk.


Why did you choose this topic?
What is plastic surgery?
What is anorexia?
What can we do to prevent this?


Why did I choose this topic?
I choose this topic because I think it is very interesting. I think it is a very sad topic, because so many teenagers destroy their bodies, because the pressure to be perfect is so big. The problem has increased a lot. I think the problem will stay growing, because of all the pressure from the medians. The body ideal we have now is almost impossible to meet without plastic surgery or an eating disorder. I have chosen to mix anorexia and surgery because I think they are much linked. Both of the things are caused by the big pressure, which is from the Medias. A lot of young people want to do anything, to get the perfect bodies they see everywhere.
The problem is that, the body ideal has changed a lot. The ideal which is made by the celebrities... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Anorexia | Engelsk disposition

  • 22-04-2014
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