A Goat for Christmas FS10

Opgaven er kvalitetssikret af redaktionen på Skolehjælpen.dk.
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A Goat for Christmas FS10

Opgaven indeholder mine personlige holdninger til at støtte fattige mennesker med en ged i julegave (A Goat for Christmas).

Besvarelsen er udarbejdet fra Opgave 1 til Engelsk FS10 eksamen fra December 2007.


The story about our country: Once there was a country. Although it had an insignificant amount compared to the rest of the world, it was incredibly wealthy. In July the children could wish for the world's toys from BR, and when they were bigger, they could ask for Play Stations, iPods and television. They could not just ask for it - they got it ...

When it wasn't Christmas, people had many problems: Should we have chicken or steak for dinner? Nokia or Samsung? Coca-Cola or Faxe-kondi? Therefore, they had no time to think about others than themselves, though others around the world also had problems.
People in this country loved fashion. Often was the name or label on the product more important than quality. The same was the case when they had to help the rest of the world. Should we make a contribution to clean-up after a natural disaster? If they should, it naturally has to be a known project. The country's relief... Køb adgang for at læse mere

A Goat for Christmas FS10

  • 17-12-2009
    Super opgave et par fejl hist og pist men ellers en super god opgave :D