A Mirror of the Man - Engelsk FS10 Short Story

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  • Folkeskole 10. klasse
  • Engelsk FS10
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Novelle: A Mirror of the Man - Engelsk FS10 Short Story

Engelsk FS10 "A Mirror of the Man" - Selvskrevet short story.


"A mirror of the man

The man looked very sternly at Barton. Barton was scared, he felt his heart beating fast in his throat and he was shaking all over the body.

Barton tried to stammer out a sentence, but before there came any words, the man disappeared. Barton found it very mysterious, it had to be his imagination which played him a trick. Barton decided to go home to think of this strange episode.

All the way back to his house, he felt like something chased him. When he came home his wife was there, she asked if he had had a good day and why he was so early at home. The reason why I’m home this early, he paused a second to breath, what was he to say now? He looked at her trying to find the right answer, then he continued the unfinished sentence, there was not enough work for all of us.

He would not want his wife to know anything at all about the mysterious man, or his own past, for that matter. Not many people knew anything about Barton’s past. When he was young, he was the leader in an organisation where they really hated coloured people.

Barton never thought that it would follow him all these years. Barton decided to take some days of, then he would have the time to think some more about it."... Køb adgang for at læse mere

A Mirror of the Man - Engelsk FS10 Short Story

  • 07-03-2005
    Stille og rolig stil...Kan sagtens bruges, men ikke over-super-god
  • 23-04-2009
    jeg fik kun 7 for den? ); men tak <3
  • 08-10-2006
  • 13-11-2005
    den var sku fin nok..