A Special Event - stil i engelsk

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Essay: A Special Event - stil i engelsk

Jeg skriver om "A special event" i Oxford.


In the springbreak between the 8. and the 9. grade, I attended summerschool in Oxford, England. That was the greatest summer I had ever had!
The whole idea of going to summerschool was concieved when my babysister started in a private school. At that time my parents told me, that I would get the same amount of money, they were going to spend on her school, to travel with. Of course I was offered the possibility of going to a private school like my sister, but I didn't want to. I'd rather go travelling.
In the 7th grade, I started to investigate all the possibilities of going abroad to language school. I knew from the beginning, that I wanted to go to England, but I didn't have a clue about where in England... Køb adgang for at læse mere

A Special Event - stil i engelsk

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