A Time to Kill | Summary og filmanmeldelse

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Referat: A Time to Kill | Summary og filmanmeldelse

Filmanmeldelse med tilhørende referat af filmen "A Time to Kill" fra 1996 af Joel Schumacher. Filmen er bygget på John Grishams roman af samme navn.

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The motion picture is about a black man called Carl Lee Hailey. His daughter, Tonya is raped by two white men, James Willard and Billy Cobb. When the neighbours found her, her condition was very bad. Carl Lee pay a visit to one of his friends, a lawyer named Jake Brigance. Carl Lee makes Jake promise, that he'll help him out if he ends up in some kind of mess.
When the two white men, Willard and Cobb, are to face a judge for the raping of Tonya, Carl Lee shoots them and the policeman, who're leading them to court. Carl Lee is arrested for the murder of Willard and Cobb and for injuring of the policeman. Jake immediately undertakes the job as the counsel for the defence of Carl Lee because of the promise he gave him just before the shootings.

Jake is to go to court and fight against Rufus Buckley, the public prosecutor. Once inside court, a young woman named Ellen Roark helps Jake. Ellen is daughter of a very famous and tradition rich family of lawyers. She is studying law at the law school. She offers Jake to help him in the case for free. In the first place, Jake refuses her help... Køb adgang for at læse mere

A Time to Kill | Summary og filmanmeldelse

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