Alcohol and the Young People - Engelsk stil

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Alcohol and the Young People - Engelsk stil

En engelsk stil med titlen "Alcohol and the young" om, hvorfor så mange unge begynder at drikke.


“The drinking of alcohol holds many attractions for the young. However, it also holds many risks and dangers.” I think the statement is true, I don't disagree with it. A Danish proverb says ”Many people drink so long for the health of others, that they lose their own.” And that is very true in many cases of alcohol, both involving young people and older people. Through they years, allot has been said about alcohol, both by known philosophers and just ordinary people. Plato once said: ”he was a wise man, he who invented the beer”. Well he might have been wise, but I honestly think the world would have been better of without both him and his beer.

When you are young nowadays, alcohol is a big issue. Have you tried it? Is it something you do on a regular basis? Why don't you drink? Why do you drink? Question like that, are something you get to think about when you are young.

Most young people drink and most of them do it every weekend. Why they do it is a good question. I have tried it both ways, being the sober one and being the very drunken one. I don't know yet which way I prefer, because I have only tried to be drunk once. That was last weekend. I had never been drunk before, so I had little idea of how it would be. I only knew, that my plan definitely wasn't to get so drunk, that I was gonna throw up. But since I didn't know how it worked, I drank way too much, in way to little time, although my friends tried to stop me. So what was planned to... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Alcohol and the Young People - Engelsk stil

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