American Lives | FP10 2018

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American Lives | FP10 2018

Besvarelse af opgave 2 fra FP10 i Engelsk fra 7. maj 2018 med titlen "American Lives".

Write the main part of the story in your travel blog (500-600 words). It is not necessary to rewrite the texts given.


The young people sitting opposite me were not speaking English. I assumed they were tourists like me and asked them if they were enjoying their vacation in the US. But I was completely wrong. It turned out that Meredith had been living in USA her whole life and she met Derek on her year abroad where he instantly decided to move to the USA with Meredith when she got back there. Derek came from Africa.

I didn't really see anything in both of their faces till they tried telling me. Burns. 4 years ago, their mansion burned to the ground and they lost everything they had ever owned. They were inside the house, sleeping when it happened. They woke up to the scream of their little daughter who woke up owing to the flames everywhere. They called the firearms, ambulance and everything. Feeling dejected for nothing to do. They couldn't get her out. They had to wait. There were flames everywhere and not to put out at least not by themselves. Derek was trying to open the door into Olivia, their daughters' room when the flames got him. He cried in silence. Olivia stopped screaming and they run amuck. Meredith told me how such a thrilling feeling it was. Derek was... Køb adgang for at læse mere

American Lives | FP10 2018

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