The American Gun Law | Artikel

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The American Gun Law | Artikel

Engelsk artikel om amerikansk våbenlovgivning (The American Gun Laws) - Titlen på opgaven har jeg valgt at kalde for: Super liberal or armed gang nation? fordi jeg skriver om min tankegang/mening om våben og våbenlovene i USA. Stilen indeholder også facts til lovene, salget og dilemmaet om våben i USA.

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Det er superfint og velformuleret og du har mange gode vinkler på emnet.


"The weapon will always be a part of the American culture and history. USA has always been in war, since they captured North-America from the natives in 1759, they have always taken part in many wars, such as The American Civil War, the Spanish-American war, World War 1, World War 2, The Vietnamese war, the cold war, and latest the Afghan war.

This is just a beginning of several wars they have been taking part in. As President Bush said after the attack on the World Trade Centers “If you aren´t with us, you're against us.” As soon as USA doesn't agree with a country, they go in war with them and made them fall into line. The Americans are very focused on safety and their property.

They think the weapons are the solution on greater security and freedom. Our policy is kind of weird and dangerous that we need a firearms certificate to get a gun legally in the countries of Europe, if you are asking for the American opinion. But the truth is that America is one of the most dangerous nations in the world."... Køb adgang for at læse mere

The American Gun Law | Artikel

  • 30-05-2014
    God, men ikke så omfattende som jeg havde forventet af titlen.