Being There af Jerzy Kosinski | Review

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Boganmeldelse: Being There af Jerzy Kosinski | Review

Kort boganmeldelse i engelsk med referat og egen mening om bogen "Being There", som er skrevet af Jerzy Kosinski og udgivet i 1970.


Book report: Being There
My opinion of the book:


"Book report: Being There
Being There is a story about a man called Chance who has been living his whole life in a house with his employer, the Old Man, He has never been outside the garden or had any visitors, and has led a very simple life looking after the garden and watching TV.

Chance has never communicated with any one else beside The Old Man and the maid. When the Old Man dies, a lawyer comes to the house. He finds out that Chance hasn't got any record or rights to the house. Chance doesn't even have a name, except for Chance.

He has no driver's license, no birth certificate, nothing. Chance has to leave the house. As he leaves the garden he is hit by a car. Chance hurts his leg and the owner of the car rushes to him. She offers to drive him back to her house. Chance doesn't refuse, so he ends up in a very wealthy estate. The woman introduces him to the jet set world."... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Being There af Jerzy Kosinski | Review

  • 06-03-2012
    Fint "book review" til inspiration. Giver et godt indtryk af bogens indhold som helhed.
  • 14-05-2014
    niceeee :møklhlivgjcvhmjklkjhgfdhjckvlbænøm,lmkjhgfxdz