Hooligans | Book Report

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Boganmeldelse: Hooligans | Book Report

Boganmeldelsen tager udgangspunkt i Tim Sanders roman "Hooligans" og giver en kort personkarakteristik af Tommy Britten og Tony Steels sammen med et resumé/referat af handlingen og en vurdering af bogen.


The title of the book is Hooligans and it is written by Tim Sanders.
The book deals with Hooliganism. It tells us about this boy called Tommy. He and his father, Lenny, love to watch football matches together and one day Lenny goes to London to watch a football match. Lenny gets into a fight with some London City hooligans and he gets badly hurt. Tommy decides that he wants revenge. He becomes a hooligan against his parents' will. He shaves his head, wears nylon pilots' jackets, jeans and, most important, big, shiny Dr. Marten's boots. Tommy knows that some day he will have an army of Skinheads behind him. One day Tommy and his men were on a train and they were smashing the train from one end and another group of Skinheads were smashing it from the other. They noticed a lot of policemen standing on the next station and Tommy and the leader of the other Skinhead group, Tony, jump off the train. They become friends because of their common interest in a Skinhead army. One day Tommy and Tony... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Hooligans | Book Report

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