Engelsk brev om Danmark

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Engelsk brev om Danmark

En opgave i engelsk hvor man skulle skrive et brev til en engelsktalende ven, som har tænkt sig at komme til Danmark.


Hi Cailyn!

I am truly looking forward to your visit here in Denmark. It is a lot different here than you are used to in New York, I am positive. Not quite as large or as many people. But I am convinced you will like it here.

Maybe you have heard that people in Denmark are very nice. I cannot tell if that is true, but as for my experiences I would say that it is no special from other countries, maybe even worse.
If you stand in a queue and forget to step forward, people sometimes literally yell at you. I have been told that it is not because they do not like you, they are simply dreadfully busy, which obviously gives them a lot of patience trouble, I would say.

A nice thing about Denmark is the sweets. I know, of course, that there is a bunch of candy in the US too, but I have been there, and I got to say that even for a person with such a sweet tooth as me, some of these goodies does not taste that good. In fact I... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Engelsk brev om Danmark

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