Engelsk Essay: School Shootings

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Engelsk Essay: School Shootings

Opgaven indeholder et essay om school shootings. I opgaven fortælles der om, hvad skoleskyderier er, og diskuterer, hvordan det kan ske.


School shooting happens almost all over the world and is a very big issue. It makes your head spinning and just giving you a lot of thoughts. Do those ‘'school shooters'' need to get death penalty, because they killed other people? Why are they doing it? Has it something to do with there youth? Are they all drug addicts? I am going to try answering some of those questions.

My opinion of the school shooters is that they are mentally ill or mentally disturbed. You can't be normal if you just walk in to a school and start shooting at the other pupils or teachers. Afterwards when you get caught they'll might just answer ‘' I don't like Mondays''.

That was what the first school... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Engelsk Essay: School Shootings

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