Pretty Woman | Filmanmeldelse

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Pretty Woman | Filmanmeldelse

Opgaven er en filmanmeldelse ("film review") som jeg skrev i 9. klasse, i Engelsk FSA over filmen "Pretty Woman" fra 1990 af Garry Marshall. Der er bl.a. et referat af handlingen, min egen mening om filmen, samt et selvskrevet digt om kærlighed til sidst i opgaven.


Pretty Woman
A movie about love
My own opinion
Love poems:


"A movie about love:
In the beginning of the movie, we meet two women (Vivian Ward and Kit), who has chosen to live their lives as prostituted, so they are making their day running, with selling them selves to other men. They are very bonded to each other and have a strong relationship. We are also getting to know Edward Lewis, who is a businessman and has a lot of money.

One day Edward were driving in a car he had borrowed from a friend of his, Phil. He couldn't really drive it, because he used to drive in a limo.

He drove past the street, where all the huggers were standing and stopped just next to Vivian and Kit. The two girls decided, that one of them had to talk to him; it was Vivian, the slim, tall and dark haired girl who had a lot of confidence. He picked her up, so she could help him find the way back to the hotel. He asked, if she wanted to stay the whole week and of cause she said yes."... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Pretty Woman | Filmanmeldelse

  • 01-12-2009
    den er god fordi man får mange informationer. den sidste del for det var der den sluttede ja jeg har set et par men det er sku fint nok
  • 24-03-2009
    synes ikke der er så meget anmeldelse over den