Engelsk Fortælling: "May Allah Guide"

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Novelle: Engelsk Fortælling: "May Allah Guide"

Engelsk Fortælling om en oprører der er muslim, som tager til Jerusalem for at bekæmpe det korstog der hærger hans land. Opgaven er en selvskrevet novelle i engelsk (short story), som jeg skrev i engelsk FSA.

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Stor inspiration taget fra spillet "Assasins Creed"


May Allah Guide
- A story of courage, bravery and loyalty
Chapter one:
Chapter two:
Chapter tree: - Nothing else but death


"Chapter one: - “Hey, you are one of those Assassins, right?”
The silent breeze it gently kissing my body, it’s a great relief as I look upwards to the burning hot sun. Soon I will be off to my great travel, everything is packed and I am ready to go. It won’t be easy to leave my home. I have been living here almost as long as I can remember.

But I am aware of the importance of my journey, and I feel lucky to be the one to take on this quest. Because if I don´t, my homeland will be no longer safe. The crusaders invaded Jerusalem just days ago, and they are striking faster and stronger for every day that passes.

Soon they will reach our city gate, and we will not hold long. Stupid heretics’! I pray to Allah that he will give me strength in this mission, and that he will understand that this is indeed an act of necessary evil. My name is Khali Mohammed, and I am an Assassin."... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Engelsk Fortælling: "May Allah Guide"

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