Engelsk FP10 2018 | My Gap Year

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Engelsk FP10 2018 | My Gap Year

Besvarelse på 592 ord af et prøveoplæg til skriftlig engelsk eksamen fra FP10 maj 2018. Den omhandler prøveoplæg 1 og er en ansøgning til My Gap Year

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Hello, My Gap Year.

My Name is Noah Bødcher. I'm 17 years old and currently attending a boarding school in Jutland, Denmark. I've been there for almost a year now, and I really like it. The environment and nature around the school, is amazing. Especially now in the spring and summer time, where my friends and I, for an example, bath in the lakes around the school, run, workout, climb trees or hang out. I see myself as a very social person, I like to talk to new people and I'm very open for trying things I haven't done before, along with that, I'd say that I'm not very choosey and find myself, quickly adapting to new things. Before I started at the boarding school I lived with my family in a small village on the western part of Funen, about 1,5 hours of driving away from the school. There I also have both forest and ocean near me and I really like the place. When I'm finished with boarding school I will... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Engelsk FP10 2018 | My Gap Year

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