Homeless in London

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Essay: Homeless in London

Denne stil i Engelsk handler om de fattige og hjemløse i London. Stilen giver svar på, hvor mange mennesker, som er hjemløse og hvem der hjælper dem.


In Britain there are many homeless people, a lot live on the street. Some look for jobs, there is charities such as “THE BIG ISSUE” who offer jobs to homeless. The charity Crisis estimates that some 380,000 people are without a home, almost equal to the population of Manchester. It predicts that this figure could rise to one million by 2020. These people are “hidden homeless” since they only manage to keep off the streets by staying in various forms of temporary accommodation. The charity estimates some 75,000 people stay in bed & breakfast lodgings, 220,000 share with friends or family, with 70,000 being in a household. The rest are those at risk” of eviction.

There are many homeless that leave at the door of a shop, it's for them a standard shelter, Britain are trying to stop this even though Britain has faced this problem for a very long time. Many... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Homeless in London

  • 17-05-2015
    Lidt kort, men dog flere relevante oplysninger. Mangler uddybning. For overfladisk til en dybere forståelse af problemet.