Hooligans | Referat

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Hooligans | Referat

Opgaven giver et referat af filmen "Hooligans", der har Elijah Wood i hovedrollen som "Matt Buckner". Den fortæller om hooligankulturen i England, og hvordan man let kan fortabe sig i den.


I don't really have a favourite movie in particular, but one of the best movies that I've ever seen, must be the film called “Hooligans”. The film is directed by the former female world champion in Kick-Boxing, Lexi Alexander. Elijah Wood has the role as the main character “Matt Buckner”.

The film is about friendship, loyalty, jealousy and when to stand up for yourself.

Matt Buckner is an American child who studies on Harvard, which is a university with a very good reputation. Only the best students, with the best grades, get access to Harvard. Matt studies so he can be educated as a journalist. But Matt's room mate Jeremy is doing drugs and when cocaine is found in there room, Jeremy put the blame on Matt. Matt gives up fighting for his innocence, because Jeremy's father is a big politician and Jeremy promise Matt that he will take care of him when his father gets re-elected. On top of that he gives Matt 10 thousand dollars.

Matt decides to go to England where his sister Shannon lives in London. He has not seen Shannon for many years and Matt hasn't met Shannon's Husband Steve and their child. But Steve had planed a romantic dinner with Shannon and when Steve's younger brother Pete, shows up to borrow money for a football match, Steve get an idea. He tells Pete, that he can only borrow money from... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Hooligans | Referat

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