Why A School Uniform?

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Essay: Why A School Uniform?

Essay om skoleuniformer, skrevet ud fra nogle spørgsmål fx hvad man selv synes om skoleuniformer, om det burde indføres i Danmark og fordele og ulemper.


A school uniform is clothes you have to wear every day in school, and everybody has to wear the same. I have divided opinions about school uniforms. Some people express who they are, trough their clothing. Because of that, I think that it's a bad idea, but it also has some cons. For example if your parents don't have many money and can't buy you fine clothes or “the right” label, it can be embarrassing. It can lead to bullying and problems among girls. Most girls care a lot about what they and others wear. It can be a big problem for the girls who can't afford the fancy clothes. It's not fair. And if you see it that way, it's also a good way to make every single student to feel like a part of the schools fellow-feeling. It can make kids lives much easier. It puts a stop on a lot of... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Why A School Uniform?

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