Young people and School Shooting

Opgaven er kvalitetssikret af redaktionen på Skolehjæ
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Young people and School Shooting

I denne korte engelskopgave besvares spørgsmålet "Why do young people turn to guns"?.

Opgaven hører til temaet School Shootings and Gun Violence


I am very convinced that young people who turn to guns, violence gangs etc. do it because they need attention or love. I don't think it is normal behavior for a child to be violent and aggressive. Most of the time I think it is the parents fault. Maybe they don't give attention to the child or abuse it. Perhaps the parents got a divorce which was hard to handle for the child.

The environment means a lot to children. They need to feel good in their homes and have parents who can take care of them and have responsibility for them. If they don't have that I think the consequences can be big. It can lead to bullying, bad self-esteem and the feeling that they are worth nothing. Worse than that, it can lead to guns, suicide, gangs and violence.

It is very difficult to say what we should do about it. The government could send a letter or an e-mail to tell the parents to behave responsible when they have a baby. – But would that help anything? I really... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Young people and School Shooting

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