Entertainment - opgave i engelsk

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Essay: Entertainment - opgave i engelsk

Jeg skriver om min yndlingsmusik, - film og -serie.


Nowadays entertainment is crucial to some people. By that I mean TV, computer, and such, because people just don’t want to spend time and energy reading novels all the time. Not anybody I know anyway. Including myself! I like watching movies, listening to music and things like that. I only read if I am forced to.
I think my favorite movie is “Dumb Dumber”. It is about these two total idiots named Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne. They are very tired of their lives! Lloyd works as a limo driver and one day he meets a beautiful woman, Mary Swanson. As the idiot he is, he thinks that she is madly in love with him as well and as he drops her off by the airport he gives her a big hug. On top of that he refuses to take the money for the ride. He says: “I couldn’t possibly take that, Mary! Not after all we have been trough!”... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Entertainment - opgave i engelsk

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