Essay about Global Warming

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Essay about Global Warming

Essay i Engelsk om global opvarmning (Global Warming).

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Det er skrevet på engelsk, og jeg fik ét 12-tal for det.


The ozone layer is starting to vanish and the temperature in the world is slightly increasing, because of too much CO2 emission which makes a carpet of CO2 around the atmosphere. The CO2 allows the sunlight to get through the atmosphere layer, but prevents it to get out again. Chlorflourcarboner and haloner are very toxic gases which pollute the climate and degrade the ozone layer, which protects us from ultra violet radiations. Gases which degrades the atmosphere layer, contains the chemicals like chlor (Cl) or brom (Br).
In order to save the atmosphere, promoting campaigns as Global cool is trying to decreasing the CO2 emissions, by decrease the energy consumption, using transports with environmental friendly biodiesel fuel, which only runs on biodiesel, bio oil or bio ethanol. Some factories even invent cars which only run on renewable energies like sunlight. These environmentally friendly products will... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Essay about Global Warming

  • 27-01-2010
    Den er okay, sproget kunne godt være bedre.
  • 04-02-2010
    det er en god stil om global warming.