Good Memories | Eksamen december 2008

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Essay: Good Memories | Eksamen december 2008

Besvarelsen giver et bud på opgave 2 i 2009 terminsprøvesættet: Good Memories - Opgaven er skrevet i Engelsk.

Opgaven går ud på at beskrive hvad Homer Walker sidder og tænker på, og hvorfor han husker tilbage på netop den erindring.

"Write about the special event that brought back good memories to Great Uncle Homer.
Describe what made it so special and why he remembers it so clearly and
with such pleasure."

Skolehjæ's kommentar

En del kongruensfejl og glosefejl, men selve historien er velskrevet.


The story is:
Homer and Betsy, hat plant a Christmas holiday in France, this year they want to do something special for Christmas because it was there first Christmas together.
They arrived in Paris the day before Christmas eve, it was night so they starting looking for a hotel to spend the night at.
Christmas day was a very beautiful one this year. Homer remember one special thing that morning, when he was looking out of the hotel rooms window he saw a hole lot of people walking around and they were all happy, everybody smiled to each other and say “hey” to people they doesn't even now.
When homer and Betsy, have checked out of the hotel, they took the city bus( a bus who drove around to all the attractions in Paris). It was evening and it was getting a little bit cold, when they arrived at the Eiffel tower, the Eiffel tower was the main attraction on the tour and that also where... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Good Memories | Eksamen december 2008

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