Goodnight Mister Tom af Michelle Magorian - Referat

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Goodnight Mister Tom af Michelle Magorian - Referat

Engelsk referat af historien "Goodnight Mister Tom", af Michelle Magorian, som jeg skrev i Engelsk FSA.

"Goodnight Mister Tom:
In the story, we hear about a little boy from London, named Willie. He lived with his mother, who was a poor widow. Willie was sent to live by Thomas Oakley in the country, because bombing made it to dangerous for kids to stay in London. Thomas Oakley was a very odd figure, who lived by himself and Willie had never been outside London before and found everything very strange.

On Willie’s first day at Thomas Oakley’s place he went out into the garden, where he was looking at Tom’s dog, Samuel. He began to like the little black-and-white collie, when it suddenly began to bark. The dog had spotted a squirrel, that’s why it began to bark.

The dog ran around and stopped in front of Willie and jumped into the air. Willie, who wasn’t used to dogs, became very afraid and grab a big branch from the ground to defend himself. “You go away or i’ll kill you”, he said."... [læs mere nu]