Guns In USA - Gun Violence

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Essay: Guns In USA - Gun Violence

Stor skriftlig opgave om "gun violence", som bl.a. indeholder en diskussion om NRA, "National riffle association".


Are Americans allowed to have guns in their private homes? Unfortunately they are. I think many Americans think of it as a good solution, but I don't. Having a gun causes a lot of trouble, because some people can handle such a dangerous weapon, opposite others who don't know how to handle it.
In one of the arguments for guns they say that having a gun in the home reduces burglary. If they mean that you should kill the thief when he enters the house, then yes. From my point of view it makes no difference if you have a gun or a knife. They can both harm you. I think of it as a bad thing. Having a gun doesn't lead to anything good at all. You never hear in the news that a man almost got killed, but survived because he had a gun in his house. You rather hear about episodes with open a fire, and maybe a couple of deaths. If that law wasn't established I would guarantee that the number of losses would be reduced.
We saw the movie “Bowling for Columbine”, and some of the facts really surprised me. The one that surprised me the most, was the fact that Canadians has just as many guns as Americans, but they only have about 2-3 murders a year, and America has 105 – every day! The difference... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Guns In USA - Gun Violence

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