Homeless - fristil i engelsk

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Novelle: Homeless - fristil i engelsk

Engelsk Free Writing Task - om en mand som fortæller sin historie, om hvordan han blev hjemløs pga. 'gambling'.


It was a normal day, just like every other day at my work. I turned on the laptop, logged in, and began to do my job. I am a real-estate agent working for “EDC Houses”. I’ve been working there for over 3 years now. I am a good employer, and work hard every day. In my opinion I am underpaid, but I still need my job. I was supposed to meet a newly wed couple that just had a baby, that were looking to buy a small nice house. Unfortunately they had cancelled the appointment so I wasn’t going to make a sale today, but it meant I had a free day. But hey, that’s fine. That meant that I could relax a little, so I went to the little bar, just a couple of meters away from where I work. I went in, sat down at the bar, and ordered a drink.

Homeless - fristil i engelsk

  • 11-01-2012
    Det er en okay opgave, har dog nogle fejl hist og pist. Men den var en god inspiration til min egen :D