Jackpot - Opgave i Engelsk

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Jackpot - Opgave i Engelsk

Opgave på engelsk om at vinde i lotto (Jackpot)


"It all started in a small café called Sunset Café in the center of London. Mary Bloggs was a waitress in the café owned by a young guy called Jack.

Mary liked Jack. Jack also liked Mary, but they never gave the relationship a chance because of their jobs. One day when Mary came home from work there was a large envelope be-tween her regular mail. She opened it and read: “Congratulations, you are the lucky winner of the annual lottery.

An amount of £500.000 will be deposited on your bank account.” At first she didn’t believe it, but she went to the bank to check it, just in ca-se. When she saw that the money was there she became ecstatic. She was thinking of all the things she could do with the money, but decided to wait a while till she knew exactly what to do with them.

The day after when she arrived at the café there was a lot of journalists and photographs waiting for her. All of them interested in how she planed on using the money. The same day she was in the news and the she also got her picture in the papers.

And just two days later her mailbox was filled with letters from people wanting a piece of her fortune. She didn’t know how she was supposed to feel about all these letters, some of them were from people who..."... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Jackpot - Opgave i Engelsk

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